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My perspective.

I have not ever been a law enforcement officer, and cannot begin to imagine the stress and the effects the career has on the men and women who serve. I also am not a minority, and cannot perceive of the years of thoughts and feelings that go along with the troubling history in our nation for many who are not Caucasian. I am a 45 year old, middle class, anglo, christian man. I have not endured any overtly great struggle in my life that was caused by another. I am sheltered, somewhat naive, privileged in ways I do not even realize, and secure. I do know men and women though whose families endured slavery, persecution, hatred, and disgrace because of the color of his or her skin. I have sat with them and listened to their stories of heartbreak and suffering and the residual affects that have followed. I have witnessed persecution and racism in my life, and have at times participated. I also know men and women who serve the public as police men and women. I know them to be good and g