I have been between most of my life, between the world of church and “reality.” There has been very few times in my life where I have felt fully accepted, or where I had a sense of really fitting in. 
I have felt a divide between the world of home, school, work and church. I have also felt I have stood most of my life between two men. Two men who I love with all that I am. Two men that I look up to but quite simply do not fully understand. I cannot understand how two men so much alike in my eyes, who I have so much affection, and who I long to make proud could be so far apart. 
It has felt like therefore that I must offend one to love another, or that I need to bring them together. So i have lived this life of two worlds and they have collided. 
So how do I develop grace to all now?  I'll start with this. 

Yesterday I wrote about second chances to men like Osama Bin-Laden. Today I move past that hypothetical situation and speak about actualities. 

I could write out a list of men, women, children, dogs, cows, institutions, and ideas that offend me. But I just want to talk about one. You.

You make me sick to my stomach some days. You really do, you are hypocritical, lazy and insubordinate. I cannot believe that I even associate with you. I mean...REALLY? 

You gripe and complain and then chastise others who do the same. You neglect your daily Bible reading, go hours without one thought of others, and avoid hurting people because you do not want to be uncomfortable. You have told me the story of sitting in a McDonald's and being uncomfortable due to the people that were sharing the building with you. You look down on people that do not meet your expectations of holiness, service and dedication. You really chap my hide! 

You make me so frustrated that I am including your picture. 

I did not include your picture to embarrass you or shame you. I included your picture to tell the world that I forgive you. You need to know that when Christ died, He died for your sins too, and not just to forgive you; no, Christ redeemed you and is restoring you. You do not have to be stuck as you were any longer. There is hope for you that you may be made new. No longer trapped by what you have done, seen, or been. Today is a fresh day for you, a day of freedom and life. 

I pray that you take it and echo what one writer once said, " I run in the path of Your commands (LORD), for you have set my heart free." 

simply HIS,


Heather said…
I find it interesting, JB, how the opinions of ourselves can differ so much from the opinions of those friends and family we have spent so much time with through the years.

I tell you this to let you know that I don't see these traits in you... but trust that if you say they exist, then they must.

I appreciate your openness, candor and willingness to share this opinion of yourself with the Internet. It's a great reminder to us all that we truly need to dig deep to find our true, honest selves.

And to forgive the imperfections. And remember that Christ died for us.

Thanks for blessing my day.
Unknown said…

It is interesting to learn of the things concealed within us. The idea behind this post is that sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Love ya'll.


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