My friend Benny Nowell (http://www.sevensonline.org) told me once about a vision he had outside of a place called Freedom tunnel (ironically spelled Freedoom). He witnessed this girl fixing up her heroin to shoot. The vision was that Jesus was standing next to her, His hand on her shoulder eyes fixed on Benny and saying, "it's about time you got here." 

The message was that Jesus is waiting for us, for His disciples to arrive in the dark places so we can reflect His light.  Many times we get all caught up in taking Jesus to the lost; yet, the fact is HE is waiting for us there. HE is wanting to take me to the lost. 

I hear the question frequently, "why would a good God allow suffering; bad things to happen to good people; children to starve...?" 

The question I ask in return is, "Why are you allowing it to happen, what are you doing to help?"

We can no longer just sit by and "Occupy Space and Time" we have a responsibility. When Jesus was asked what were the greatest commands, He answered 
  1. Love God with all you have.
  2. Love others as yourself.
This is a expository statement on the Ten Commandments. The Law and Prophets (The Old Testament) boil down to these two things Love God, Love everybody else. Why?
  1. Because God created you, and made the sacrifice that frees us from our crap that we choose instead of Him.
  2. Because God created others and they carry His image too.
Ephesians 2 tells us that God saved us not just to be little cute figurines in some cosmic display case, but that we were saved for good works. What are good works? Love others as yourself. Do you feed yourself? Get yourself out of dangerous situations? Clothe yourself? Buy yourself nice things? Then love someone else the same way. I am not saying you alone have to rush out and save everybody, but you can rush out and help someone. 

Lets agree to start small and simple, today make it your goal to only use words that build up and encourage those around you. No demeaning jokes, or sarcastic belittling of people. No jokes about Lindsey Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Joe Paterno, THAT person in the office, THAT kid at school, etc...

Look around, take notice, and then act on what you see. Lift some one up today in the name of Jesus Christ, lift someone up. 

simply HIS,


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