What's that sound?

My friend Ken Holsberry taught on Sodom this past Wednesday night. Here were some thoughts from his lesson. 

Sin has a sound. Genesis 18:16-33; Isaiah 59:4. Is there anyone to intercede?
God hears the shouts of the abused, mistreated and tortured. 

He hears the moans of poverty, and the cries of the hungry. 

What does my sin sound like to God?

Why can I not hear it? Do I ignore it?

Abraham stepped in between God and Sodom to bargain for their life. (Gen 18:22-32)

Paul would go to hell to save his countrymen. Moses bargained for the lives of the Israelites. 

They all loved someone who was going to be destroyed. Do we love any who are in danger? Do we love those caught in their sin?

God hears the deafening sound of sin. 

During the triumphal parade like entry into Jerusalem, Jesus stopped and wept over the city for the destruction to come. The Christ begged they be forgiven from the cross and he desires that all would come and repent and be redeemed
From their lives of brokenness. 

 God is a justifier.

 God is a healer.

 God is a restorer. 

God will not turn a deaf ear, will you?

simply HIS,


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