Troublesome times are here...

There are times we have taken a large amount of joy in the idea that some will be in Hell. It is a somewhat soothing thought that men like Hitler, or Jim Jones might has received eternal torment for the innocent lives they consumed. It is like a grand game, or is "just" in our minds that men who commit grievous, gargantuan acts of violence against others need more than just our scorn. These who so violate our prescribed standards of good and evil, who tilt the ledger so drastically must; must absorb some form of everlasting punishment that surpasses this mortal sphere of life.
So, we have taken joy; and assigned weight to deeds and plans of men and women and graded on our own scale the hellish consequences deserved or level of grace dispensed.

Yet GOD knows more than I the level of depravity that would cause HIS wrath, and whether or not said wrath would last eternally. That is not my decision to make nor do I seek the authority to wield such power.

Here is where we stand though. Christ has said the only way to enter HIS kingdom is to be born again. To enter life fresh and learn again to walk, talk, and interact with other people with a new standard, GOD. We are no longer to lean or rely on our own simple, earthly, human abilities to understand or do. The thing is that the existence of Hell notwithstanding GOD has called us to do something. To not is to deny ourselves the promise HE has tied to the call.

So, let us debate the literal vs. Figurative view of Hell. Let us debate baptismal regeneration vs baptism an act of the saved. Let us debate over and over until time ceases the endless topics and doctrines that separate us like boys and girls at a Jr High dance. Yet never let us debate the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ. Never allow me to deny the things HE has spoken or judge them as merely figurative things to believe. Allow me Dear GOD the strength, honesty, and trust to just do what you have stated.


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