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Not a thumping gizzard.

First I would like for you to go and read this post by a woman I know as Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.

Now then. Here is my response to her post.

Distant. Angry. Frustrated. Driven. Workaholic. Crude. Bastard. Jerk. Jock. Checked out. 
Layers upon layers of names have been given to men over the course of their lives. Crybaby. Queer. Punk. Sissy. Useless. Quitter. Failure. 

Over and over again, the lies wash over our identity hammering at who we really are. Denying what is the truest about us. That we were created to bear an image, to reign over all created things, to stand up to the adversary that seeks to ensnare and destroy the truth about you and me. 

And it has damn near worked. 

There is a voice that speaks other words, gives other descriptions...

Son. Warrior. Lover. King. Mighty one. Kinsman, Redeemer. Brother. Husband. Father. Friend. 

A voice that cries out from the dirt and the rocks. A voice that whispers th…

What's that sound?

My friend Ken Holsberry taught on Sodom this past Wednesday night. Here were some thoughts from his lesson. 

Sin has a sound. Genesis 18:16-33; Isaiah 59:4. Is there anyone to intercede? God hears the shouts of the abused, mistreated and tortured. 
He hears the moans of poverty, and the cries of the hungry. 
What does my sin sound like to God?
Why can I not hear it? Do I ignore it?
Abraham stepped in between God and Sodom to bargain for their life. (Gen 18:22-32)
Paul would go to hell to save his countrymen. Moses bargained for the lives of the Israelites. 
They all loved someone who was going to be destroyed. Do we love any who are in danger? Do we love those caught in their sin?
God hears the deafening sound of sin. 
During the triumphal parade like entry into Jerusalem, Jesus stopped and wept over the city for the destruction to come. The Christ begged they be forgiven from the cross and he desires that all would come and repent and be redeemed From their lives of brokenness. 
 God is a justif…

stuck in the pages

I was thinking today about how I read the Bible. I read the stories, the lists, the events, and I think on them and then teach from them. But I have no idea of the space and time that these events happened.

I know the historical situation surrounding most of the information. I know the teaching of some of the church fathers. What i don't get are the smells, the sounds, the dust, and sweat, the tension of the participants, the emotion showing on their face, the hearts racing in their chests, the silence...

I read stories of a man building an Ark, telling his neighbors about a rain and flood to prepare for, loading up his wife and sons and daughters-in-law. All in the space of 3 chapters, 68 verses, 2 1/4 pages. Astounding!! This 100+ years of life and activity and people and animals and wood, and splinters and arguments between husbands and wives......whew. Exhausting.

I lose this wander, and awe and excitement when I just readrightthroughtryingtofinishachapter. Yet the richness an…


My friend Benny Nowell ( told me once about a vision he had outside of a place called Freedom tunnel (ironically spelled Freedoom). He witnessed this girl fixing up her heroin to shoot. The vision was that Jesus was standing next to her, His hand on her shoulder eyes fixed on Benny and saying, "it's about time you got here." 
The message was that Jesus is waiting for us, for His disciples to arrive in the dark places so we can reflect His light.  Many times we get all caught up in taking Jesus to the lost; yet, the fact is HE is waiting for us there. HE is wanting to take me to the lost. 
I hear the question frequently, "why would a good God allow suffering; bad things to happen to good people; children to starve...?" 
The question I ask in return is, "Why are you allowing it to happen, what are you doing to help?"
We can no longer just sit by and "Occupy Space and Time" we have a responsibility. When Jesus was asked …


I have been between most of my life, between the world of church and “reality.” There has been very few times in my life where I have felt fully accepted, or where I had a sense of really fitting in.  I have felt a divide between the world of home, school, work and church. I have also felt I have stood most of my life between two men. Two men who I love with all that I am. Two men that I look up to but quite simply do not fully understand. I cannot understand how two men so much alike in my eyes, who I have so much affection, and who I long to make proud could be so far apart.  It has felt like therefore that I must offend one to love another, or that I need to bring them together. So i have lived this life of two worlds and they have collided.  So how do I develop grace to all now?  I'll start with this. 
Yesterday I wrote about second chances to men like Osama Bin-Laden. Today I move past that hypothetical situation and speak about actualities. 
I could write out a list of men, women…

Never Beyond? Now just wait a daggum minute

This is a picture put out this week by a group called People Of The Second Chance. This is the latest in a series of posts about who may have wandered out past our limits of a second chance. Here is my initial reaction.

WHAT THE... now just hold on a stinking minute. Have you lost your ever-loving mind? Are you totally crazy? What could you have possibly be thinking? This is a mass murderer, a man who commissioned and planned the murders of men, women and children that refused to cow to his beliefs and demands. How in the world can you even entertain the idea of asking me to give a second chance to a... terroristic zealot like this man.

That was my internal conversation yesterday. Every time I looked at this picture I cringed inside. I even asked my friend Tanner, "do we offer a second chance even if it risks someones life?" Hey said "sometimes that is the price." Me: "that's a steep price." -end of conversation-

So today I was reading some of the com…

My focus needs more focus

A nationalistic Christianity is a toothless religion. This boils it all down to behaviors and laws. This has been seen before. The Jews used a faith based system and flooded themselves with so many laws and edicts they drowned. 
Rome eventually legalized Christianity, but the only thing that resulted was the Catholic church and Rome's demise. While officially a religious, pious culture; the deceit and depravity led to a destruction of holy living before the collapse of the empire. 
So what is it that we want as Christians in America today? What is it that we want of our leaders? Are we willing to demand the same things of ourselves? Having yielded the welfare of the poor to the government, do we now cede the moral welfare to a few elected officials with little to no accountability? Do we legislate change among men and women, or do we pray and lead lives of such holiness and Christ-like love that people have only two choices: embrace the truth or flee?  Will we continue to lament and …

Troublesome times are here...

There are times we have taken a large amount of joy in the idea that some will be in Hell. It is a somewhat soothing thought that men like Hitler, or Jim Jones might has received eternal torment for the innocent lives they consumed. It is like a grand game, or is "just" in our minds that men who commit grievous, gargantuan acts of violence against others need more than just our scorn. These who so violate our prescribed standards of good and evil, who tilt the ledger so drastically must; must absorb some form of everlasting punishment that surpasses this mortal sphere of life.
So, we have taken joy; and assigned weight to deeds and plans of men and women and graded on our own scale the hellish consequences deserved or level of grace dispensed.

Yet GOD knows more than I the level of depravity that would cause HIS wrath, and whether or not said wrath would last eternally. That is not my decision to make nor do I seek the authority to wield such power.

Here …