Never Beyond

So what the heck am I supposed to write? There are many who have already given amazing thoughts to this idea of never beyond a second chance. What will my words be in addition? Not sure, but here we go...

The idea that we have a second chance does not mean that we start over, from scratch. It means that we now have a fresh slate going forward. We can drop all of our baggage here and walk on unhindered from our past screw-ups. We are the people who did those things, yet they no longer set our steps, burden our walk, or entangle our hearts. We are set free. GOD will not be sending out HIS wrath, or our friend will not seek revenge, and we need not carry the guilt one more step, stumble or stagger. We can now walk along with the opportunity to love well, live free and offer to someone else the grace we have received.

simply HIS,


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