This August I will begin the 42nd year of my journey on this planet if the LORD desires for me too. I am not necessarily some sort of remarkable man. I have not discovered a new continent, star or medicine. I probably will never be world renown, famous or be someone you would recognize for something all that grand. I have done things in my life that I have told no one but GOD, because HE was the only one who would replace my shame with HIS grace.

This all sounds like a great beginning for a mid-life crisis hunh?

But it is not!

It is just information.

What I have done is love my bride of 16 years faithfully, raise my children with the idea that they should fear GOD and serve HIM only, and for the last 5 years served as a minister for youth Littlefield, TX, a church in San Jose, CA, and college students in Wichita Falls, TX.

I probably have made a number of errors in all of the tasks I have undertaken, and I for sure am not the most patient of shepherds with GOD'S sheep. But I believe in the grace of GOD for everyone. Those who seek it will find it abundant and lavish and overwhelming and overcoming. It will not make you complete overnight, or make you a perfect Mom, Dad, son, daughter, employee, or whatever...

What GOD'S grace will give you is the work of redemption and restoration. Starting at your acceptance, at your submission grace will begin to fight for your heart, heal your wounds, and caress your soul with the powerfully gentle touch of a earth forming, life sustaining, patient LORD.

From there your journey will be one of companionship as you are called to follow the HOLY SPIRIT as he urges you toward the path you where created for.

For me, it was a path of leaving friends, family and comfort at the age of 35 for ministry training. Then a call to California to learn and teach in a church setting, then a call home to work with men and women in their college years.

How is it going? What is GOD doing?

The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD is healing, freeing, and redeeming; and HE lets me stand near and be a small part. Isn't that crazy?

simply HIS,


Heather said…
Always know that those of us who supported your decision to go into a life of ministry are very proud of what you have done and who you have become. Those who know you and call you friend, and even those who don't (yet), are blessed by you and your beautiful, God-loving family.

Keep up the great work, JB.

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