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This August I will begin the 42nd year of my journey on this planet if the LORD desires for me too. I am not necessarily some sort of remarkable man. I have not discovered a new continent, star or medicine. I probably will never be world renown, famous or be someone you would recognize for something all that grand. I have done things in my life that I have told no one but GOD, because HE was the only one who would replace my shame with HIS grace.
This all sounds like a great beginning for a mid-life crisis hunh?
But it is not!
It is just information.
What I have done is love my bride of 16 years faithfully, raise my children with the idea that they should fear GOD and serve HIM only, and for the last 5 years served as a minister for youth Littlefield, TX, a church in San Jose, CA, and college students in Wichita Falls, TX.
I probably have made a number of errors in all of the tasks I have undertaken, and I for sure am not the most patient of shepherds with GOD'S sheep. But I belie…