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It's a trap! I want to stand at the entrances of sinful paths with a big stick and smack everyone and shout this warning.

The reality is that the freedom you think you gain with these "lifestyles" is just a big smokescreen. It is the art of misdirection, it is a cesspool made to look like a waterpark.

You see promises are made about the freedom of sex with whoever and whenever, glory is given to the heightened awareness of drug use and alcohol.

The truth if the matters is plain to witness though. Sex with whoever whenever leads to babies. Babies are not a limited demand item. These young boys ad girls demand that you feed, water, clean, support, invest, assist, repeat; for the many years to follow. For the first 10 years, these little ones are almost helpless, the for years 11-? They demand freedom that they are not able to responsibly earn.

Besides babies, there is the emotional tie that binds two people who engage in sex. See we are people of appetite; meaning if we like s…