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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here's your sign...

Years ago, Bill Engvall (a comedian) produced a hit song with another country artist called "Here's Your Sign." The premise of the video was that we share the planet with some not do bright people and it would be easier if we could just hand them a sign so that others would be warned.

In our society today, we are quick to give labels, or signs to ourselves and others. You have heard many of them: Stupid, Idiot, Queer, Fag, Slut...; the list goes on and on and on. Labels, names, and w=verdicts that we place on one another to categorize who we think they are based on the slight evidence that we have available.

But, what if we had more knowledge? What if we knew of the battles and hardships, and attacks that people had walked through? What if instead of trying to label someone with a term that we had decided on we used a different scale? What if we saw people the way GOD sees people? What if we were to call people by the name CHRIST uses? What if instead of the father of lies (Satan) controlling our judgments of others, we allowed the SPIRIT of GOD to name them?

We live in a society that is divided into teams. Divided into to "us vs. them" everywhere we look and listen. Yet the WORD tells us that w are all children of GOD (even those who do not believe), and that HE is patient wanting all of us to reconcile with our PAPA.

Therefore, my prayer for you today is that you would be given your sign. The name that PAPA has given to you to wear in front of us all... maybe this video can give you some ideas.

May you hear GOD call you by name today.

simply HIS,

Friday, October 01, 2010


I have been abundantly blessed throughout my life to be able to engage in various activities. Someone asked me the other day what I did before the ministry.
Well, I began to think about that and it leads to a long list of jobs and passions that I pursued.

Job wise, I have hauled beer, and worked as a mover/driver. I have worked at 7-11, as a school janitor, a school bus driver, substitute teacher, lifeguard, disc-jockey (actually played records); I have also worked in waste water, water distribution and run a swimming pool. I have been on stage and off in theatre (professionally), done voice work for commercials, worked as a fry cook, and even made water skis.
I think that is all...

Over all of this time, I have to admit that I rarely felt as if I "fit in" at any of these places. I have for the biggest part of my life felt as if I were a misfit wherever I was. That is a blessing!
It is a blessing because even though I felt awkward, and sometimes downright unwanted I have had the opportunity to have some great relationships with people in all of these places.

This morning I have a friend that I love like a brother call and ask a favor. The favor was to go to spend time cleaning up a piece of property he owns. I was honored and will arrange my schedule to help; just so that I can spend a quiet day with my friend.

I also view the misfitting as a blessing because it increases my longing for Heaven. I feel that if we are Christians, that there should be some part of us that rises up and feels uncomfortable here and now. We know that Paul struggled with this, and I believe that Jesus too looked forward to returning to the presence of GOD.

So, today if you are feeling a little out of sorts, perhaps you are just homesick for the place being prepared for you.

simply HIS,