Thoughts I had during worship

These are thoughts I had this Sunday while visiting a church service in the Bay Area of California.

Sometimes we fool ourselves. We fool ourselves into thinking that our reverence and worship are the "IT" God is longing for.
Yet, the things that pop out to me in scripture, the things that bring joy to PAPA and are a pleasing aroma and glory to HIS NAME is when our hearts are completely poured out to HIM. There is a fulfillment of GOD'S promise of grace when we rely on HIS holiness instead of depending on our reverence.
How many of us "knew" the proper way to worship when our souls began to cry out for hope and salvation; for renewal and restoration? How do we know that the way we set up worship is pleasing to GOD? 2Songs, a prayer, 3 songs, communion, contribution, a song, sermon, 2 songs, prayer, dismiss...
Is this pleasing to GOD or to me?
Is GOD pleased by regiment and ritual? If our hearts are truly poured out to HIM, then yes!
If is is simply a set of hoops to jump through, and we are simply practicing the long held way of doing things that make me or you comfortable. If we are just little plastic, robotic, beings acting out church...then i would say to us NO!
I encourage you to explore the way you love PAPA, the way you seek to honor HIM and show that HE is holy and the LORD of you life. I encourage you to be completely emptied out and express your love to PAPA with all of your heart.
That seems to be truthful and spiritual to me.
simply HIS,


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