A question

Yesterday I spoke with a friend. He called and asked a question that is difficult to answer. You see my friend's wife underwent a liver transplant this past year. Everything went great with the transplant, in fact doctors were amazed at the lack of complications, even going so far to say or infer that it was a "God thing."

Well now it seems that the suppressed immunity that allowed such a successful acceptance of the liver has allowed cancer to spread rapidly through her body. As you can imagine, she is tired and leery of chemo...so my friend admitted to me that he wants to encourage his wife to continue to fight, to explore and exhaust every availability of treatment. She is reluctant, he is scared and there are questions.

My friend admits to me that he is afraid of being left alone if she dies. He is hurting and confused, and scared. So I am asking if you will pray for my friends Paul and Kathleen.

simply HIS,


Heather said…
Praying, JB. Also, I posted a more thorough update on M on my blog if you want to know more...

Thanks for your continuing prayers.

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