What would it take?

For a man named Saul it took a blinding light and the voice of CHRIST. For a man named Simon it took a Rabbi saying follow me. These are just two examples in the Bible of men who left behind things that they had dreamed of their whole lives and followed Jesus. I wonder what the internal conversations where, I wonder what the family members of the men had to say on the change.

I wonder what it would take for me to be "sold out" to Jesus. To be so intent of following Him and being like Him that I would seek that only. What would it take?

How about you, what would it take?

simply His,


Heather said…
I couldn't even imagine their internal conversations. I just know they had to have very strong convictions to have made the decisions that were made.

And what would it take for me? That's a good question.... and it's one I don't know that I have an answer for.

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