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How "church of Christ" are you?

The link will take you to a blog written by Tammie Ross, guest blogger and wife of Bobby ross from the Christian Chronicle.

The blog speaks of the Fasebook quiz that asks the question that I have used to title the blog.

I just wanted you to read the blog and then think about the ways in which we divide ourselves. I am convicted by the blog, and by the fact that sometimes I view others as less spiritual than myself because they hold to a different idea. I speak often about Romans 14, and the principle applied there, yet I seldom put it into practice.

I would like to ask us to all pray like Daniel prayed in chapter 9; that w would all admit to our wriongdoing in this labeling of others in our fellowships, and then put away our label makers and practice loving one another (John 13:34-35).

Let us all join together, tear down the fences, walls and opinions that divide us. Reach out and t…