Concealed No More!

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”

Have you ever felt the need to conceal something? Perhaps you were ashamed of something that you did. Maybe it was a good thing even, but you just did not want anyone to know. Like the fact that you love Barry Manilow, or maybe you were a huge fan of Hee Haw.
There is generally something in our lives that we hold very close to the vest and work diligently at not allowing anyone to see, or know.

The passage above was written by the apostle Paul to the church that met in Corinth. Corinth was a town that was renowned for its sinful behavior. Paul could very well have been writing about them in another letter when he said, “they invent ways of doing evil.” Corinth was a place well known for sexual perversion, idolatry, men and women selling themselves. Corinth was a place so well known for the diverse ways of sin, that a person would be called a Corinthian based on the amount and depth of sin in their lives.

It is in this type of city, that Paul was given a message from the Lord; “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city." The text in Acts 18 goes on to say that Paul stayed for a year and a half. God said that in this city so famous for sin, so caught up in disgusting behavior, “…I have many people in this city.” WOW!

So now we go back and look at this second letter that Paul is writing to God’s people in this dangerous place. Paul is stating something about a reflection; not of the evil debauchery that is going on around them, but instead of Jesus Christ. Paul is comparing the Christians in Corinth to Moses as he came down from Mount Sinai, and other times from the tent of meeting, glowing from being in contact with God.

Paul is affirming to these people who are surrounded by a society seduced by Satan, and telling them that they are concealed no more; that there is this glorious radiance that is lighting up their faces and sending the darkness into hiding. Paul is encouraging these brave few to no longer veil the glory that is reflected in them, to pursue the transformation available to them in Christ.
I would like to challenge myself and you to be people like these noble Christians in Corinth; to be about the Word of God, to expose ourselves to the Spirit of God, and be transformed into people of Light. Join me as we remove our veils and choose to be concealed no more.

Simply His,


Heather said…
Thanks for helping in my daily transformation, JB.

P.S. You do really like Barry Manilow, don't you? :)
Anonymous said…
My Brother,
How are you doing these days? I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you got to relax a bit while you were in Texas.
I checked out your blog and it strikes right to the heart of an experience I had only yesterday. I had gone to a nursing home to visit a sister in Christ who is a member of a congregation quite some distance from here. I have had the occassion to visit her many times over the last several months and have developed a nice relationship with her. This being the first week back I went to visit her and she was not in her room. A little concerned I went to the front desk and the lady there wasn't even sure she was there any longer. After several minutes they came up with the new room number for her and off I went. Her new room was on a hall that I had never been down before and as I rounded the corner into the hallway there were several patients lined up in the hallway in their wheelchairs. Since it was almost 4:00 I assumed they were getting ready to take them to the dining area for dinner. I passed through all of them saying hi, smiling and talking to them as I passed through. Again I would like to point out I had never been down this hall prior to yesterday and I had never met nor talked to any of these people before yesterday. I passed on through and had my attention focused on this sisters daughter who was standing in the hallway looking distraught. As I had just passed through these people in their wheelchairs I heard one of the ladies I had passed excitedly proclaim "Look, There Goes A Man Of God!" Because I was so focused on the sisters daughter I didn't pay any attention to what this lady had just said.
After dealing with the daughters problems concerning her mother and visiting with mom, who's body is now shutting down, and praying with and for both of them, I went to my car. Once I sat down in my freezing cold car, a very strange feeling came over me that the cars heater or the seat warmers could not provide. I suddenly remembered what that one unknown lady said in the hallway - "Look, There Goes A Man Of God!" I first asked myself "Is that what she really said? Wow! Its amazing that she would know that! But, then something even deeper came to life. She was able to see that even though I had no Bible in my hand and had only uttered pleasant greetings. I wasn't even dressed any differently than several other men who were there visitng their relatives. I suppose that somehow she was able to see the brilliance of Christ shining through me, yet I had done nothing to point her in that direction. I hadn't purposely done anything in order to give someone a clue as to whom I was. Yet, this lady called it. Then another gut wrenching feeling hit me. What A Responsibility That Is!!
Many of us strive to do well in our Christian walk and strive to be recognized in a sinful world as Christians, but once the world recognizes that, there is a much greater responsibility. Look, There Goes A Man Of God! What is the measuring stick for that? Abraham whom God called righteous? David whom was called a man after God's own heart? CHRIST!!!!!!! Not that I haven't endeavored to live up to the measure of Christ before now, but that ladies revelation brought that living up to the measure of Christ to a whole new level of realization as well as perceived expectation for me. God does still talk to us today, sometimes in very mysterious ways.
I pray that the brilliance of the glory of Christ shines through you and all our Brothers and Sisters as we endeavor to show Christ to the world!!!

Love You Brother!
Mikey B.
Johnny thanks for coming by my blog. I hope to see you more. I left you a message on my blog.

Blessings & Shalom,
Bobby Valentine
Tucson, AZ

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