I probably watch too much TV. Okay, not probably. However, that is not the topic of this writing.

The topic is a show that I catch occasionally called "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew."
I caught a few episodes last season, and thought that it was a strange reality show. I also thought that probably one of the celebrities biggest addiction is fame. Even to the point of going to rehab on TV.

We have all seen the headlines of "Star A" or "Star B" getting in trouble and heading to rehab.
I have scoffed and joked at the brokenness that celebrities go through.

This season though has been different. There is still the same sensational garbage that is going to go on, but there is also more.
I am seeing the picture of real broken people. Brokenness that money and fame cannot hold at bay. These are real people! These are people who have something missing somewhere in their lives and have tried to replace it with dark, dangerous things.

They are no different than me. They are no different than you.
I apologize for ridiculing people who are broken.
I apologize for forgetting that I was once just as broken, and only through Christ have I been able to find healing.


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