A Glimpse

There are many times where I will be reading scripture when all of a sudden the realization hits me of how little I actually see of the kingdom. My dear brother Ethan explains our view of what God is doing as focusing on the corner of a great painting. We see this little bitty piece of the corner and think, “wow, what a masterpiece.” Then we run around trying to show everybody what we have found. That in and of itself is good, when we see a new piece we tell others.

The problem arises when we start to believe and live like that corner is the whole of the painting. The problem is when we start to believe and live like all that we see is the totality of everything. When we think that we have it all figured out , we tend to stop searching and seeking. When we stop seeking, we become like someone who has bought a plane or train ticket and then just sit in the waiting area, even if they bought the tickets months in advance.

How foolish would that be? To buy a ticket to fly somewhere this summer, and then to go and sit in the airport until your plane is scheduled to leave. How much worse then to do that for our trip to the kingdom of Heaven? We cannot allow ourselves to become myopic when it comes the things that God is revealing to us. We cannot just draw a line in the sand and say, “Here and no farther!” Especially since our Savior says to follow Him.

No it is not just ourselves that we stop when we behave in this manner. We stop others from coming to Christ. Think about what you idea of a church service is...go ahead, I will wait...

Why is it that we have come to the conclusion that reverence to God is demonstrated in quiet, solemn demeanor and worship. How many people do we turn away because we have simply become comfortable with our "style" of worship. How many people will never know Jesus because we want all people to conform immediately to us instead of following Paul's example of being all things so that some might be saved.

As I write this, I realize that I could possibly be simply looking at another corner of the painting...so I pray as I hit post "God open my eyes and allow me to see your glory, and your desire for the lost of this generation. Allow me Father to see the whole picture and not just the piece that makes me the most comfortable.


Anonymous said…
Deep "stuff" as always. Thanks for the questions. That's the point , isn't it? We have greatly underestimated the power, depth and breadth of the message and its consequences if we try to stuff it inside of any four-sided object, be it a building or a box.
Jeff White said…
God is showing us what we need to see...not necessarily what we want to see. His hand paints in love and to such a depth that staring at one infinitesimal point on His canvas would take a lifetime just to get a glimmer of all the planning and guiding that He enacted to give me that view of Him. That is what we should see when we look around...Him. All of nature declares His glory. We are created in His image. But many times all I see is...everything but His glory. That's my human frailty not His limitations. God ask us to look, to see, and thru His spirit we will understand...what we need to understand to be His child. So my prayer is for God to continue His painting and give me the wisdom see Him in the paint.

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