And now...

"Unless something happens to draw the citizens of our nation into a relationship with their Creator, we are in big trouble. Prayer draws upon the power of heaven to do God’s will. He has told us what His will is…reconcile men and women to Him who loves them. We steadfastly refuse to do it! While we have hidden in our buildings holding “worship services,” Satan has been winning the hearts and minds of those we have ignored. Our prayer ought to be that God’s people will finally do God’s will."

The above quote is from SIBI instructor and missionary Dwight Whitsett.

Can I get an AMEN??

Friends, brethren, we need not whine or complain about who is now elected to office. We MUST not judge someones faith on how they voted. What we must do is remember that God does not work through a nation, but people. God has not called America to be His voice in this world, He has called those who have been saved by His grace. Unfortunately, most of us are happy to just sit in the boarding area clutching our bags and boarding ticket, and neglect to share with any one else how they can receive Christ's grace.
We too often would rather just assemble and speak our "secret language" and code words to one another than focus outward to the drowning people all around us. We have people under the shadows of our buildings who are hungry and thirsty, ignorant of the only hope that will carry them over the pitfalls of this world.

What I pray for is this, that we would all remember what it was like when someone struck the match of the Gospel in our lives. What it was like to be blinded by light instead of darkness. Stop whining and moaning that the government is making life difficult for us as Christians and start glorifying Jesus with our lives when difficulties fall on us.

Let us always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that we have, not excuses for why it is so difficult to be a Christian. There are times we are called to suffer for His glory. There are times that we will be comforted. For both we PRAISE GOD!

Now, how do we go forward from here?
We must be about Jesus! First, second, third and always. We must let the Holy Spirit develop the qualities of Jesus in our lives. We do this not by badmouthing or accusing, but by speaking the truth in love, and shepherding the world by the way that we walk.

Let us now stand with Jesus, and do not fear.



Anonymous said…

Doing HIS work all day and day!!

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