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James 3

James 3:10 Just another something to examine about myself as I get ready to worship God. jb

Am I Okay With That??

I was talking with a brother in Christ today. I really enjoy talking with him, because we have a relationship to stretch each other. Today we started (like most times)with "what is wrong with..." and like always we ended up by talking about the plank in our own eye. We spoke today about the things that are a hot topic in the nation at the moment, "right to marry," pro-life vs. pro-choice, among many others. My friend said something that took the air out of me...he said,"how can I take a stand on those things, if I am not willing to examine where I am personally numb to sin." My gut reaction is to say, "bro, what are you doing? these people are dying in their sinfulness and they want everybody to go with them." or "Why don't you shut your big yapper!" Yet, as I think about the statement I have to ask myself where it is I have stopped on my walk towards being a disciple of Jesus... I have to examine the things that I have all

For $20

What if you could feed a family for twenty dollars? How? Follow this link. jb


It is the word that I sometimes use about Church. You know that you sometimes think it too... church services can be so "boring." I just want to ask us all a question... Does sin ever get boring? If not, why? If so, why aren't we looking for more? jb

Church Marketing...

Listen for the buzzwords. Ouch.


Sometimes I get so wrapped up in myself, in the things that are going on around me and are happening to me. Then something happens to change it. I think God shakes me up a little. I have some friends that are teachers in China. Today their e-mail update said, " Continue to lift us up and constantly mention us to Dad." And I am undone! To read these words just really stuck my heart. Here we are living in America, enjoying our freedoms and our things, and we are griping. I read these words and I think of missionaries over the years, this is just like something that we would read from one of Paul's letters to a first century church. These words are words that today I have honored...will you join me?

And now...

"Unless something happens to draw the citizens of our nation into a relationship with their Creator, we are in big trouble. Prayer draws upon the power of heaven to do God’s will. He has told us what His will is…reconcile men and women to Him who loves them. We steadfastly refuse to do it! While we have hidden in our buildings holding “worship services,” Satan has been winning the hearts and minds of those we have ignored. Our prayer ought to be that God’s people will finally do God’s will." The above quote is from SIBI instructor and missionary Dwight Whitsett. Can I get an AMEN?? Friends, brethren, we need not whine or complain about who is now elected to office. We MUST not judge someones faith on how they voted. What we must do is remember that God does not work through a nation, but people. God has not called America to be His voice in this world, He has called those who have been saved by His grace. Unfortunately, most of us are happy to just sit in the boardi