There has been much on my mind and heart lately. So much that I have not been blogging much for fear of something I might type. You see, sometimes blogging can be "safe" because of the anonymity of it. I mean most of you know who I am, but there is just something about communicating this way that can feel distant, or well safe.
This is a way of communicating in which you do not see the physical response of those you are communicating with, so I was trying to be mindful to not be hurtful or accusatory and the best way for me to do that was to not type.

But I cannot hold what is inside of me...

The link above is a Greek word lexicon that gives information of the word stir.
As I type I hear the words of the song:
"There's a stirring, deep within me.."
I realize that the last couple of weeks that I have been stirred by God. When we get comfortable, or complacent, or whatever, I believe that God will stir us to get us back to where He would have us if we are to be effective for His purpose. I wonder how many times I have just charted this feeling as "bad-attitude day," or just a bad week? How many times have you.

This idea of stirring is found in 2 Timothy 1:6 where Paul is urging Timothy to "fan into flame."

The idea that I want you to get is that of a cold campfire that has burned well through the night, but now appears to be only ash. Yet with a stick, the ashes can be stirred to reveal embers that need only fuel and oxygen to grow. The Word is the fuel, and the Spirit is the Oxygen.
What is the stick that you have been stirred with this week?


Anonymous said…
For my part, it is the "c" stick. What an odd place to find onesself in to have such a disease inside and yet have not known. Yet, what I discovered is that tested faith grows stronger and is proved in the process. By allowing oyourself to be stirred, you learn much about yourself and even are reminded of whose you are if you will but listen intently. I praise God for the stirring, for othewise the embers grow cold indeed and without the fire rekindled, we share not. So, I thank God for the stirring even if I would have preferred a different stick. Father knows best.
Unknown said…
Thank you Bryan, for your example in responding to the stir.

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