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Whatever it takes?!?!?!?

The economy is in decline, marriage is being changed before our eyes, our military is stretched thin, and now it seems as if an American toy manufacturer is supporting an eastern religion. It seems like more and more, America is being shaken from within and without. Have you ever prayed that God would do whatever it takes to return America to its Christian roots? I have. I have prayed that God would do whatever it takes to turn the hearts of men and women to Jesus. Now it seems to be happening. So, what now??? I sometimes seem to fall into the same line of prayer that Habakkuk fell into; first I cry out about the sinfulness of my own people and then when God gives glimpses of what could happen I cry out, surely things are not that drastic. Let us be about prayer as the election nears, let us pray that God will use this time, this nation and us individually to bring Him glory. Let us not worry about our comfort as Christians, and instead worry about the eternal salvation of the ones

anazopureo There has been much on my mind and heart lately. So much that I have not been blogging much for fear of something I might type. You see, sometimes blogging can be "safe" because of the anonymity of it. I mean most of you know who I am, but there is just something about communicating this way that can feel distant, or well safe. This is a way of communicating in which you do not see the physical response of those you are communicating with, so I was trying to be mindful to not be hurtful or accusatory and the best way for me to do that was to not type. But I cannot hold what is inside of me... The link above is a Greek word lexicon that gives information of the word stir . As I type I hear the words of the song: "There's a stirring, deep within me.." I realize that the last couple of weeks that I have been stirred by God. When we get comfortable, or complacent, or whatever, I believe that God will stir

Thanks God

Today I am Thankful! For His using on such as I For my Wife For my children For my family For my brothers (you know who you are) For having a "job" to preach and teach.