Why do I do it? Why do you? It seems a peculiar thing to wake up early on a weekend morning, dress up, and drive to a building (set up much like a theatre of sorts) to gather with a bunch of other peculiar people and sing songs, and hear lectures, and discuss someone who lived thousands of years ago, and his Father; a spiritual being that no one has ever seen.

Why would we go and do that?

I know why I go. I go because I believe that In the beginning there was the Word, and that Word was Jesus. I believe that before the world was created, back in the mist of pre-time; God had an idea of me, of you, of all of us as His children (much like we dream of what our children will be like before they are born) as the ones He would love and would love Him back.
I go because this Creator God, the one who formed land and sea and cosmos with speech; formed man with His hands, fashioned him with an image that would mark him as a special creature, a love child...I go because when everything went crazy, and that first guy and lady ruined everything God did not just hit the reboot switch. I go because no matter how many have said, "You go away" God has stayed involved in the lives of His love children, too the point that a part of Him came to live as one of us, and died painfully as one of us, and then made death "tap out" give-up, in ridicule and shame.

I go because I LOVE ME SOME JESUS!!!! I go because if I do not, I might burn up from not being able to express this fire in my heart for Him.

I go, because He Came!

So, why do you go?


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