Things I have read, heard, or watched lately.

  1. The Shack - A wonderful allegory on the relationship God desires with us and has with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Celebration of Discipline - A good look at spiritual disciplines and why we should desire them in our lives.
  3. This Present Darkness - The first Peretti book that I ever read. The second time, is still as powerful an idea of spiritual warfare as it was the first time.
  1. Walking With God - The questions a man asks if he makes walking with God a DAILY desire for his life. (An example is a prayer that God could break my personality if it would make me a better disciple.)
  2. Unveiling Your Purpose/Calling - Good thoughts on stretching and searching for the fulfillment of the purpose of God in my life.
  3. Songs from Wendell & Laura - Songs sung by my dear sweet friends that remind me of the gifts God gives us to affect others.
  4. Jay Burnam: Songs For God - My favorite new artist! A young man expressing a heart for God.
  5. Chris Rice - Sings things that I wish I could think of, yet alone say about how I feel for God.
  1. Facing the Giants - Yeah, I cried! What a beautiful movie.
  2. Second Hand Lions - A great movie about kids and the fathering that God brings to them.
  3. That The World May Know - If you don't know, ask somebody! Great lessons brought in the setting in which they happen. If you want a study to challenge you and propel you into the Word; this is it.
  4. Everything Is Spiritual - Rob Bell does a wonderful job of connecting the dots between science, philosophy and Genesis 1.
  5. The God's Aren't Angry - Another Rob Bell video. Wonderful


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