Just Wondering

Okay, so we have this amazing book the Bible and in this book, we have examples of how God communicates with His people. We have God speaking to His children, we have God placing events in motion, we have God affecting weather, surrounding nations, even natural resources.

So, I want to ask you all (or both of you) How does God communicate today? Does He speak to us, and if so how. If not why? Does God still give us individual messages, and to what purpose? Do you think that any of the things going on in politics, weather, culture, natural resources, etc. is God communicating with us?

Please no simple "religious" answers. Give me what you believe.



Anonymous said…
More than ever in my life God is communicating through His actions and fingerprints in my activities - especially in times of difficulty.
His written Word looms larger than ever also and communicates more deeply than ever to me. It also seems He is communicating the mystery of His majesty through nature and the heavens more profoundly. I recently wrote a song from Psalm 19 because I connected so deeply with it. "The heavens declare the glory of God...". Awesome!
Anonymous said…
Albeit some might prefer a sweat tent, I will certainly look to the Bible for God's guidance for all things and all times. Look where praying for burning bushes got Northern California. I'll pass. Bryan

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