How do you...

Okay, I wanted to ask another question.

How do you see God? How do you picture, view, imagine, etc...

Do you see God as this big police officer in the sky, waiting to pull you over for reckless living? Maybe He has set up a trap to catch you, a "sting" to arrest you for your sinfulness and shame you into being a better Christian.

Do you see God as a wish-fulfilling Genie? Running to Him in prayer, during times of crisis.
Speaking of crisis, maybe you view the Almighty as some kind of hostage negotiator...
SO you give Him your list of demands, the things that you are bargaining for before you will set your heart free to Him.

Maybe He is that old guy who lives on your block, you know the one...He knows about everybody else on the block. He is always going from house to house, always with some crazy idea about how you could better mow your grass, raise your kids, drive your car, etc...

Perhaps you see God as this ancient powerful man imaged creature, sitting on a throne, waiting for the alarm to go off so He can destroy the world and all the sinful people?

Maybe you see God as this spirit, that lives in the church building, (like a retirement home, or some-kind of assisted living facility) and waits for us to come and honor Him with our worship?

Maybe You see God as love. All love, and loving God would not send anyone to hell, would he? Maybe He just wants us all to be happy, and have everything we want...

I am asking for responses here, so do not be shy. If you don't want anyone to know who you are just respond anonymously. Please, join in the discussion, explain how maybe you USED TO view God and how you view Him now, or whatever.

I will read your posts and then respond in my next post about how I view God.

I dare you!



Anonymous said…
I view God as ever changing based on what I need him to be at the time. He can be the God on the throne to be worshipped to the friend I need to confide in sitting next to me when I don't know the words myself. He knows our every need and comes to us in the most unexpected way to meet us. Sometimes I don't realize He was so close until the time has passed. Not that he is not always close but at times I really "see" him guiding me at other times I am not paying enough attention. I am at a place where I know he is always there even when I don't give over to his leading as I should.

I no longer believe he has a list that he is waiting for me to miss something so I get a check against me. I believe He is my cheerleader so to speak hoping that I seek Him and His will first. Wanting me to be truly his and sad when I don't choose what he would have me choose.
Anonymous said…
As a child I worried that God would zap me for sinning like he is Priscilla and Aquilla in the new testament and Achan in Joshua 7. As I have grown, I believe that He is an awesome, powerful and loving God who wants the best for His children. He has given us the tools (Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Word, fellow Christians, etc) to use, the gifts of service and the freedom to use them wisely. I believe He is like a loving parent that equips His children for success and then allows them to choose while he is there to support, correct, guide and counsel us toward salvation. I believe He is jealous and is hurt when we forget to look to Him for guidance.
I'm not sure I ever viewed God as a black woman, but who's to say he can be anything he wants.

I'm not sure I've actually ever tried to picture God. I think I see him more in people.

I saw him last week in a man that purchaced a meal for a homeless man.

I saw him in three women yesterday who had all met to pray for one another and others who are hurting.

I saw him in a group of young people last month as they worked in the community all day long ... for free!

Anonymous said…
Hmmmm. I can say that, used too, I saw God, mostly in nature and not much else. I knew he was there, I read of him in the Bible, but only felt him at a distance.

Have you ever heard the saying that desparate people desparately seek Jesus? Well, when I was desparate, my views of God changed. I desparately sought him out as I desparately clung to exageration.

My view of God now...the most intimate of all relationships. No, I can't literally see Him, but I see Him in the words and actions of my husband. I see Him all around me in the beauty of the world. I see Him in the kindnesses of others. I see Him as I watch others go to war for their brothers and sisters. I can't hear Him out loud, but I hear His voice continually in my head and heart as I seek Him for guidance, mentoring, words of affirmation, etc. Weird as it sounds I even hear His instruction as I physically train, spurring me to push myself to attain my goals. I can't touch Him, but I have felt His embrace so many times thru the perfectly timed hug of a friend or family member, I've seen it as I've watched others hold a loved one, etc. I've felt it in the wind. I've even felt it in my bed, soft blankets cuddled around me, as I've cried out to Him for comfort. His touch has brought the warmest of peace in time of need. These things are all awesome, but I guess what makes His the most intimate of relationships is that He knows my every thought - the good, the bad, the ugly...and I feel no condemnation. Only conviction. He gifts me regardless. Perfect love.
~April H
Anonymous said…
I view God as the ultimate father figure, stern but loving, always there for you no matter how far you stray. I also view God in nature. I see him in a perfect sunshiny day, I hear Him when it rains or when the leaves rustle in the wind or the birds chirp. I feel Him when its quiet and peaceful. I also truly see him in children when they are at play, or spending family time together.
Anonymous said…
I see God through the Gospel message. This implies 2 things.

The Gospel is…
We are more sinful and weak than we ever dared to admit and…
We are more loved and accepted than we ever dared to hope.

The first part says I can be complete honest and vulnerable about my sins since all of us fall completely short of Gods glory.

The second part says that God sent his son to die for me and the Cross. As a result, I am guaranteed a place in heaven through his sovereign hand.

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