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This week, we have a guest writer. Dalton (my 16 year old) will be giving his perspective on "keeping it real." Feel free to comment, I will pass it along to him.


Maybe the Coca-Cola Company had the right idea, maybe, with this world that advertises with anything but reality, they were able to see some form of the light. "Keepin' It Real" was and still is a slogan that obviously affected many people, so who is to say we can't use it in our own walk with Christ? First, let me pose a couple of questions: What is "Real?" How do we keep it?, and, more to the point, where do we get it?

Let me say this, we can only find real inside of ourselves, it is not something to be bought, it is not something that there is an eternal search for, except inside yourself.

I had a friend, who, in a recent conversation about a job interview said "I wish I could just fake it." There is a problem there, once you fake it, once you have presented that false identity, you can no longer be real to that person. Eventually, you can't even be real with yourself

So, as America wakes up every morning, puts on their Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and generic superhero suits, I have only one question: How real are you?



Anonymous said…
You are right...we need to ask ourselves each day what is real in our lives. Great insight..you need to keep up the writing.

Lana Liggett
(I work with your Nana.)
Anonymous said…
Keep on keeping it real Dalton. Good post. Certainly the thing I strive and sometimes struggle to keep real in and through me is Christ. I like the word picture of us being the frame. The picture we want people to see is Jesus. Let's let people see Him as we allow Him to be real through us. With appologies to the Coca Cola Company, He's the Real Thing we got to Keep Real in us. Crank it out brother!
Anonymous said…
Great insight. It is good to see you writing. Sure makes a person think!
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed reading your insightful blog. Very wise and thought provoking. Keep writing. Love, NANA
Glo said…
Hey, this is a great post. Very insightful and very true. Helps me remember to be real everyday too. Love, Nana
Zack said…
Well said buddy! It's impossible to build anything on falsehood. Once we depict a false image to someone we can't be solid around that person. Thanks for helping all of us to "keep it real". God bless!

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