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Faith or Want???

I am struck to the quick today. Let me share it with you please? Recently a dear brother in Christ of mine called me and asked if I would do a lesson on fear. I told him I would, and have begun to do a series of Sermons called Fear Factor (I know real original). As I started last week with an image of life in the Garden from Genesis 3, I realized that God is still in the process of calling out to us; "Where are you?" All the while KNOWING full well where we are and with what we are making ourselves content. The idea, is that we are all so wrapped up in hiding our own sin from everybody (including God) that we are too busy knitting together our coverings of leaves to answer His question. God has been asking this question of each and every one of us over the course of human history. Today I read a friends blog "Wild Followship" and was immediatly pierced. The writer shared the fact that after reading that it would be easier for a camel to pass throught the eye of