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I stood at the bottom of the hill, looking upward. I checked behind me, but all that could be seen was that which immediately affected where I stood. The shadow of the building reached out to touch the shadow of the tree which reached the shadow of the cars, which joined with my own shadow. Everything surrounding me prohibited me from being able to see any further forward or backward of where I stood. The voices were also loud at the bottom of the hill. I could hear laughing and joking and all sorts of other human interactions that were taking place; coffee cups clanging together in rhythm with spoons and forks on plates creating a whisking sound. The animals were contributing to all the noise as I stood looking up from the bottom of the hill. I wondered inside my head and heart, what was the purpose of this trip if I were to just stand here and be distracted by the quieter noises of the country? Where I am normally bombarded with cars swishing by the windows of my office, the growl o