Exactly! i think?!?

I am not sure exactly what it is that is going on. I feel so strange, really I do. I realized today that I still do not completely understand or grasp all that God has done in me, to me, with me...
I struggle to understand what some rough, brash guy like me is doing preaching.
This blog is not about how I feel though, or maybe it is.

No it is not. It is about the growth that I am seeing in some of the men that I am studying with and getting to know. The neat thing is that they are moinistering to me as much as I to them. God has blessed me with men that are real and DEMAND the same from me. They do not let me hide behind a title or a desk or a podium. They call me out and do not let me back away. Today we had a frank discussion. Very frank!!!
After leaving them I had this feeling of letting them down, like the things that I had brought up were not enough. That they were simply some trite, idealistic, simplistic thomes that held nothing. Instead, I found out later that they were the exact words that they needed to hear.

This is what amazes me the most! At the times that I feel the most inadequate, is the time that people seem to get the most out of it. It is like when I get smaller, God gets bigger.

How big??? As big as we need Him to be! God fulfills ALL needs. God enables all men who will allow Him to use them. This is good to know, but FANTASTIC to witness.


Unknown said…
Hi Johnny! My name is Zack Blaisdell. I stumbled upon your blog today. Very good topic. Very humbling experience. God's strength is always perfected in our weaknesses. Paul stated that clearly in Second Corinthians. Great words here!
You sent through SIBI right? I plan to go through SIBI in 2008 and pray to go to either the Northeast US or Northwest US. I am a blogger too (zack-blaisdell.
blogspot.com) and have email (blaisdellzack14@gmail.com). Please contact me sometime. I would love to chat. Be blessed!

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