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Exactly! i think?!?

I am not sure exactly what it is that is going on. I feel so strange, really I do. I realized today that I still do not completely understand or grasp all that God has done in me, to me, with me... I struggle to understand what some rough, brash guy like me is doing preaching. This blog is not about how I feel though, or maybe it is. No it is not. It is about the growth that I am seeing in some of the men that I am studying with and getting to know. The neat thing is that they are moinistering to me as much as I to them. God has blessed me with men that are real and DEMAND the same from me. They do not let me hide behind a title or a desk or a podium. They call me out and do not let me back away. Today we had a frank discussion. Very frank!!! After leaving them I had this feeling of letting them down, like the things that I had brought up were not enough. That they were simply some trite, idealistic, simplistic thomes that held nothing. Instead, I found out later that they were th