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Broken and repaired

“To do for yourself the best that you have it in you to do—to grit your teeth and clench your fists in order to survive the world at its harshest and worst—is, by that very act, to be unable to let something be done for you and in you that is more wonderful still. The trouble with steeling yourself against the harshness of reality is that the same steel that secures your life against being destroyed secures your life also against being opened up and transformed.” ---- Frederick Buechner How are you at accepting help? I am not too good. I can remember in elementary school through college if something was too difficult I would struggle, and struggle until I figured out a way to “get it done and over with.” Not always the best approach. Yet, I apply this to my life in many areas and under many circumstances. The unfortunate thing about this is, that I am robbing someone else of a blessing. I know the question pops up, “how can someone be blessed bt my problems?” The answer is, that othe

Fresh and new

I got to witness a birth today. Not an actual flesh and blood birth, and not a Baptism, but the birth of desire for more of God in a life. A friend, a new friend, a man that I have been talking to today finished reading Wild at Heart. He came to my office after and his heart was brimming over and filling his eyes. It was so cool to see a man that wanted to be closer to the Father, for a man to come and desire so deeply an understanding of the will and purpose that God has for his life. I was blessed just seeing it, and was able to remember when Godly desire was born in my own life just a few years ago. I shared with my new friend some of the words of encouragement that God had given me through my Band of Brothers. I am so thankful for this journey that God has placed my family as a result of that desire in my life. For the growth that my family and I are going through. I would not trade for anything else in the world. I got to witness a birth today...