A new round of questions...

I bought this album the other day, Todd Agnew Better Questions, and while not everybody's cup of tea stylistically, I must say the thought that goes into the lyrics stirs me. I remember as a young man coming up in the church, that I had questions that were just not supposed to be asked ou loud. If you were bold or nieve enough to ask them out loud, the answerr was "because we have always done it that way," or "that's just the way it is."

I think that there are questions like these that just come naturally, and we are afraid sometimes to ask, because God's answers to these questions force even tougher questions. The hard questions that examine my motives for ministry, my heart for the lost, or my love for my Savior. These questions are more than about, "am I doing everything I can to get to heaven," and instead lead me to examine if I am doing everything God wants me to do to call out and help bring freedom and life to the lost and dying around me. It is about me standing at the edge of the burning bush and doubting that God will do everything that I have faith for Him to do through me to free His people held in captivity.

I also think that God answers our questions in a way that forces other harder, deeper questions to show us that it is about more than the destination. As hard as I might try, I just cannot compleltley wrap my finite mind around eternity, or heaven, or actually being in the very presence of God. (I want so much to crawl up in His lap and hug and kiss my Creator, but it is difficult to think that way somnetimes. As if the idea was less than dignified).

Anyway, I just wanted to share this article with you to see if the questions were still there. If we stop asking them, we stopping growing in Him.

Love You All,

P.s. check out this link for an interview with the artist.


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