Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah...

What a wonderful world. I see trees of green, and red mountains too, and I think, to myself; what an amazing creator that we serve. To look at a nature that we do not see in the flatlands. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Today we traveled all the way across southern Wyoming, and while the flora was Texas like, the landscape was definately of another place. I was in awe for most of the day at the handiwork of our savior and the variety that He has put before the eyes of man to witness to His presence. To see snow in June is amazing for me after leaving behind 100 degree temps in Lubbock.
We have arrived safely in Ogden, Utah. We will be shaking upo with the Bomar clan for the next couplke of days, as long as they can stand us...
I am proud of us, two days in a van and we are still laughing with one another.
I pray that God will show us a side of each other to appreciate more fully, and learn new things that excite each other. May God bless our journeys for the rest of this greast adventure. Amen.

Well we made it through another day without pawning off the children or selling them into slavery. The drive today was breathtaking. It was amazing to see the climate and landscape change dramatically from state to state. We went in and through 3 different states today. I must say though that when God was handing out scenery, Utah definitely got more than it's fair share!! We drove through a mountain range, which in itself isn't that unusual. But, after wvery turn, the mountain was still there!! In the other states that we have passed through, the mountains ended after a few turned corners. This one didn't! It was beautiful. I know now why some people refer to this as "God's country". Bekah looked at the mountains and they were completely green and the first thing that she said was that they looked like a giant "chia pet!" The other mountains that we had passed in Wyoming and Colorado weren't green yet. In fact they were quite barren. We all laughed a good while about the chia pets! All in all it has been a great adventure so far. We are looking forward to a few days rest with the Bomars before climbing back into the minivan and driving to Washington. Praise the good Lord for his divine protection and artistic hand.

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