Well, here we are up against it. Finals week, we start with our first test on Wednesday, and we have our folders with notes and final assignments due next week then as well. Then we have two weeks off, no classes, no homework. I do have plans though. We will be traveling to WF for Spring Break activities and to visit the fans. Looking forward to seeing those who will be around and our lunch group getting together.
Also I will be trying to drum up financial support for our trip to the Seattle, Wa. Area this summer. I have created a power point. . . The second one I have ever done. I look forward to sitting down with elders and mission committees to seek out assistance for this wonderful work we are planning. Doing the research for this power point, has given me a view of what the Body looks like outside of the "Bible Belt," not a pretty sight. We all know here in TX. That God is around and we hear of Him daily, that is not the case in the Northwest, they know nothing about the Good News that I take for granted. I am struck by the thought that the majority of people in a state of 6 million do not know Jesus. How will we ever tell them all. One person at a time if necessary.
I feel as if I am just rambling, and I realize this may make no sense at all . . . But my heart is beginning to see that I am a lazy, site, and sign evangelist. I want to sit in my pew and let the "pretty building" and the sign by the road do MY work, fulfill MY commission that I am told to do. I am supposed to be sharing the news of Jesus Christ crucified and RISEN and SEATED in all authority at the right hand of God the Father. I think about Cline Paden, the man who started Sunset, and I see a man ravaged by Parkinson, a man who still YEARNS to share the Gospel with every nation on earth. We recently watched a video on Cline's work for Christ in Italy immediately following WW 2. At the end of the movie Cline pumped his fist in the air. He had enough faith in what he was doing and the Gospel message that he was sharing to risk his life to present it. And on this day in the Flag Room at SIBI, 60 years later, Cline still had the passion, the heart, the desire for the lost of this world.
So now the onus is on me. It is my turn to learn to share the reason we have for hope. I must be willing to share with people I meet anywhere and everywhere, the gospel of Jesus the Messiah, the Salvation given and available to us all. Pray for me and my family, as we continue to grow in the way Christ would have us go, whatever the cost.
"Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within in us..."

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