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The Bell is Ringing

Some days it is as clear as a bell. Other days it seems distant, like a noise that you are unable to decipher. Today is a clear day. The voice of the Lord rings from the mountain top calling to us to come and worship. He says "Come, all who are weary, all who are burdened and fall at My feet. Come and listen to the words that I say. Feel the love I have for you. Hear the plans I have in store for you. Tomorrow is the day set aside for worship, we will gather in various places across this nation and around the world. Separate, but sharing in the Love and Faith we share for Jesus. We will bow down and the Holy Spirit inside us will call out to heaven on our behalf and speak in our favor and God will accept our worship as a sweet aroma of offering. Let us all prepare tonight and avow tomorrow that this is a new beginning, a fresh start, the first day of our new, closer walk to God the Father. Let us begin now to allow God complete and total control of our lives. My prayer tonight is

Opening Up.

Well here we are. You know, cyberspace is not as void as I suspected. This could truly be a great tool to expand the kingdom of Christ. Imagine the possibilities, and endless connection of contacts, a worldwide pulpit to share the Gospel from. Wow! We are now starting our blogging experience and look forward to the comments and contacts it brings.