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Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah...

What a wonderful world. I see trees of green, and red mountains too, and I think, to myself; what an amazing creator that we serve. To look at a nature that we do not see in the flatlands. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Today we traveled all the way across southern Wyoming, and while the flora was Texas like, the landscape was definately of another place. I was in awe for most of the day at the handiwork of our savior and the variety that He has put before the eyes of man to witness to His presence. To see snow in June is amazing for me after leaving behind 100 degree temps in Lubbock.
We have arrived safely in Ogden, Utah. We will be shaking upo with the Bomar clan for the next couplke of days, as long as they can stand us...
I am proud of us, two days in a van and we are still laughing with one another.
I pray that God will show us a side of each other to appreciate more fully, and learn new things that excite each other. May God bless our journeys for the rest of this greast adventure. Amen.

Our first day!

well, we made it through or into 3 states today and we didn't kill each other or leave anybody at a rest stop. The rest of West Texas was pretty much the same as Lubbock. Lots and lots and lots of nothing but fields. There were some pretty stinky towns, such as Amherst. Who knew that cows could smell that bad. Wel, I guess if you have a million of them together, they can't help but smell. Whew, it was really bad. New Mexico has a lot of nothing too, But mixed in were some assorted mountain look-alikes. In Colorado, of course, the scenery got more interesting. The mountains were really pretty. We stopped at a neat diner, similar to the Pumpjack Diner, in Wichita Falls. We all had breakfast for dinner. It was great. The waitress asked if we were from around here! It was just like in the movies! Then she asked where we were from and where we were headed. She told us that she was going to guess by our accent that we were from Tennessee! I laughed. We don't so…

The trip begins...tomorrow

We are packed up and ready to go. We leave in the morning and will be heading to see the Bomar's in Utah. We are all excited about our journey this summer. We are looking forward to seeing the Bomar's and we look forward to preaching in Utah.
The work in Washington is something we are eager to experience. We miss you all and love you dearly. See you in July.
Well, here we are up against it. Finals week, we start with our first test on Wednesday, and we have our folders with notes and final assignments due next week then as well. Then we have two weeks off, no classes, no homework. I do have plans though. We will be traveling to WF for Spring Break activities and to visit the fans. Looking forward to seeing those who will be around and our lunch group getting together.
Also I will be trying to drum up financial support for our trip to the Seattle, Wa. Area this summer. I have created a power point. . . The second one I have ever done. I look forward to sitting down with elders and mission committees to seek out assistance for this wonderful work we are planning. Doing the research for this power point, has given me a view of what the Body looks like outside of the "Bible Belt," not a pretty sight. We all know here in TX. That God is around and we hear of Him daily, that is not the case in the Northwest, they know nothing about the…

The Bell is Ringing

Some days it is as clear as a bell. Other days it seems distant, like a noise that you are unable to decipher.
Today is a clear day. The voice of the Lord rings from the mountain top calling to us to come and worship. He says "Come, all who are weary, all who are burdened and fall at My feet. Come and listen to the words that I say. Feel the love I have for you. Hear the plans I have in store for you.
Tomorrow is the day set aside for worship, we will gather in various places across this nation and around the world. Separate, but sharing in the Love and Faith we share for Jesus. We will bow down and the Holy Spirit inside us will call out to heaven on our behalf and speak in our favor and God will accept our worship as a sweet aroma of offering.
Let us all prepare tonight and avow tomorrow that this is a new beginning, a fresh start, the first day of our new, closer walk to God the Father. Let us begin now to allow God complete and total control of our lives.
My prayer tonight is tha…

Opening Up.

Well here we are. You know, cyberspace is not as void as I suspected. This could truly be a great tool to expand the kingdom of Christ. Imagine the possibilities, and endless connection of contacts, a worldwide pulpit to share the Gospel from. Wow!
We are now starting our blogging experience and look forward to the comments and contacts it brings.